St. Bride’s RC Parish, Pitlochry

Mass will be celebrated here on Sunday 19th July at 11.30am.

(& Birnam 6pm on 18th July, Aberfeldy 9.30am 19th July)

Fr. Neil wants to make it clear that at present there is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass. He understands that some people may feel anxious about sharing a space with others and he doesn’t want anyone to worry about this. If people would be happier staying at home just now, then that is what they should do. At this time there is NO OBLIGATION to attend Sunday Mass.

In order to maintain the safety and well-being of all who attend mass we must make every effort to adhere to current Scottish Government guidelines. On entering the church we will all be asked for contact details to support any future Track & Trace activity. Face coverings should be worn, unless any health issue prevents this, and we will be asked to sanitize our hands on entering and leaving the church.

Toilet facilities WILL be available at St Bride’s and Our Lady of Mercy.

The church is dedicated to St Bride